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What is the duration of the flight?

Air streams and weather condition essentially control the length of time your trip lasts, but anticipate up to an hour. With the pre and post-launch activity unrelated to flying (including touchdown) the fun will last from three to four hours all together.

What altitude does the balloon travel at?

Your height will differ during your trip, but most flights take place between 500 and 3,000 feet. The balloon may go higher if the day's winds enable your pilot to do so. Winds permitting, some trips will also occur at lower altitudes (treetop level) that provide a nice close up of the landscape below.

How far away do you travel?

That is difficult to say because each trip is unique; you may drift anywhere from 2 miles to 5 miles from our launch site.

Michigan Balloon Rides Frequently Asked Questions

Does Michigan Balloon Rides offer hot air balloon flights in my part of the state?

Michigan Balloon Rides has aviators across the state offering you more choices for the location of your hot air balloon ride than any other Hot Air Balloon Organization in Michigan.

How many of my friends can come with me on my hot air balloon trip over Michigan?

It depends on the size of the balloon. Most of our areas have several sizes of balloons, the largest capable of taking 16 persons, plus the pilot. We are typically flying our larger balloons on the weekends. However, we have 12 person, 10 person, 8 person and 4 person balloons for smaller parties. We utilize the very best size to comfortably lift the number of people who reserve on a given day.

What type of clothing should we wear for our hot air balloon adventure?

Wear casual clothing and comfortable shoes appropriate for an outdoor adventure. Get dressed for the season and layer your clothing so that you can change for the warming temperatures as the morning proceeds. The coolest you will be is on the ground. Once in flight, the burners tend to keep the basket nice and cozy during the winter months. In the wintertime, appropriate clothing includes hats, gloves, boots and sunglasses. Summer attire includes long athletic pants, sturdy footwear, sunblock and sunglasses. No shorts, open-toed shoes or sandals please.

Michigan Balloon Rides Faq

What can I carry with me on the balloon?

Bring your camera and be sure your battery is fully charged. Camcorders are also allowed. A bag of potato chips or a drink for the launch will keep your belly from rumbling during the adventure.

Will I be able to hold a conversation during the trip or will it be too noisy?

Once the heating unit stops you can hear a pin drop. This silence is one of our most popular motivators for taking balloon trips in Michigan.

Will I be warm enough so high above the ground?

Actually, at daybreak, it is not uncommon for it to be somewhat warmer in the air than on the ground due to a temperature inversion during that time of day. The chilliest part of the morning is when we meet. It gets warmer from that point on, and fairly cozy when flying in the balloon. We therefore, recommend that you wear clothes in layers so you can adjust for the rising temperatures as the day continues.

Does the hot air balloon sway a lot during the trip?

The baskets do not swing since it floats with the breeze.

Exactly what helps make a hot air balloon flight function?

It's quite simple really, hot air balloons are filled with hot air which causes the balloon and basket to climb above the cooler air below.

Balloon Rides Faq Michigan

How do you get the balloon blown up?

A fan is used to blow chilly air right into the balloon. Later, the heaters are used to warm up the air as the balloon lays on the ground. Slowly, the balloon will grow to a stand-up position.

Just how do you manipulate the hot air balloon when it's in the air?

The hot air balloon travels according to how the wind acts at various heights. But at Michigan Balloon Rides our pilots are well-trained at utilizing the organic patterns in the sky for navigating.

Are my kids permitted to ride with me on the hot air balloon ride?

Around the age of 6 years, kids are tall enough to see over the edge of the basket and have the attention span to have fun with an hour or more flight in an exposed basket. Sometimes young kids are reactive to the sound of the burners, but most quickly become interested in how the balloon operates. They enjoy seeking out wildlife in the vineyards and commonly enjoy the inflation and pack up nearly as much as the flight itself. Very small kids and infants ought to wait until they are old enough to appreciate Michigan Hot Air Balloon Rides.

Balloon Ride Faq Michigan

Can I individualize balloon rides in Michigan?

We are determined to offer you the best value, including providing individualized flights. Celebrate a special occasion like a wedding or birthday or just request an accommodation and we'll do what we can. We also have gift certificates available.

Propel yourself to a new level of entertainment with an Michigan Balloon ride! Get in touch with us 1-800-611-1298 and set up your upcoming outstanding journey!

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